Wellness & Sick Exams


All of our examinations include a thorough nose to tip of tail physical evaluation that we find is necessary to keep your pet in optimal health. We offer all core vaccines and any other necessary vaccine needed to fit your pet's specific lifestyle.

Emergency Care


If your pet has an emergency, you can trust that Friendly Paws Vet Clinic will provide fast, comprehensive and compassionate care.  We have in house laboratory equipment as well as digital xray technology to provide fast, accurate results that are needed in emergency situations.  

*Additional fees apply.

House Calls


For your convenience, we also offer house calls.  These appointments are only available on certain days and times and must be prearranged.  The price for this service is $70 for the house call within Aberdeen town limits and $3 for each additional mile outside of town as well as payments for all services rendered.  

Surgical & Dentistry


Friendly Paws Veterinary Clinic offers advanced surgical techniques
and technologies to provide your pet with the best possible care. Dr. Price prides himself on his dentistry knowledge.  Your pet's dental health can have an impact on many other organs in their body.  Talk to us about it.

Holistic Medicine


At Friendly Paws Veterinary Clinic we are always looking for ways to improve the lives of our patients, Dr. Bradley Price consults with the Chi Institute to provide acupuncture and herbal medicines to improve the quality of your pet's life.



Here at Friendly paws we offer grooming for all of your pets' needs. Our groomer currently only grooms dogs.